Around The World

Explore the World – Together look at a world map and learn about different families in the world.
Food Around the World – learn about the different meals eaten by people around the world and compare to the food found in the UK.
Around the World Fruit Sundae – Where are different fruits grown and why? Select your favourite fruits to make a sundae to take home.
Clothes around the world – compare traditional clothes to our own and design your own costume to represent our camp.
Countries and Capitals – How many capital cities can you name and match to the countries?
Landmark Postcards – Learn about different landmarks and write a postcard home to tell a friend.
Around the World Games – Crossing Countries, Holiday Snaps and Right location – games to promote social skills, language and communication and team work.
Explore Europe – Name the countries in Europe without cheating!
Passport to the World – Bring together all the things you have learned in the week to write a passport about a different country.
Landmark Wheels – Create and colour a landmark wheel using card and split pins to remind you of our fun this week.

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