Chocolate and Sweet Factory

Chocolate Box Day
Design chocolates in a team of 4. Select type of chocolate, shape and flavour. Make the chocolates and design a box for your selection. Finally, write a tempting insert card to describe your chocolates for the taster!
Chocolate Lolly Day
Design a chocolate lolly – choosing a mould, flavour and type of chocolate. Make the lolly and decorate with sprinkles and icing. Package the lolly and attach a greetings card for the person who will receive your gift!
Chocolate Truffle Day
Design and make your cream cheese and chocolate truffles. Choose how they will be flavoured and finished. Make an advert to persuade others to buy and taste your truffles – promoting the Chocolate Factory.
Other Events:
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Make Sweet Creams – Choose flavours and colours
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How is chocolate made?
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