Clown Faces – Use chalk or crayon on black paper for an effective image
Apple Merry Go Round – Make an animal merry go round using sliced apple, biscuits, spread and don’t forget a colourful umbrella
Circus Poster – what should you include and how will you persuade people to attend your circus?
Design and Present an Act – on your own or in a group, what will you do to entertain your audience?
Elephant handprints – get messy grey hands and print your own elephant.
Balancing Act – A science experiment for you to investigate.
Animal Acts – Right or Wrong? – The big debate! How will you persuade the opposition team?
Circus Masks – Paint or colour a mask
Clown Collage – Using a range of media to collage a creative clown face
Edible Lion – can you make a roaring face using food?
Parachute Games – Circus themed of course!
Design, make and play circus games – Using junk modelling equipment, make up your own games to play at the circus Fayre.
Circus Poems – use your imagination to invite people to the Fayre.

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