Dinosaur Galore

Our Dinosaur Galore themed week promises exploration, determination and imagination!
Giant dinosaur build – the whole camp team will built a dinosaur out of junk materials. They will then join together to paint and decorate their new friend!
Fossil study and impressions – using a microscope, look carefully and sketch real fossils. Make your own fossil impressions.
Dinosaur Games – Join with your team mates to play games.
Dinosaur Excavations – working slowly and steadily, with your team of excavators, uncover the hidden dinosaur using the correct tools.
Dinosaur Islands – using junk, build your own dinosaur volcanic island and paint to make it realistic.
Dinosaur Settings – painting/describing
Dinosaur arts and crafts including marbling a dinosaur egg and creating a nest, spilt pin moving dinosaurs and handprint dinosaurs.

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