Out of This World

Minions Day – Come dressed as your favourite Minion character or as a banana if you wish!
Minions Biscuits – Design and make your own Minion shaped biscuit character
Minion Crafts – Make your own Minion pencil pot or Minion face
Space Frieze – work as a team to create a whole new space world
Build a Spaceship – with limited materials can you and your team, design and make a rocket to get you back home?
On the Spaceship – Set up a role play area and experience what life must be like for an astronaut
Space Craft – Design and make your own flying saucer or Spaceship Porthole
Travel Agents – Set up a role play area and book your flight into space
Star Wars Day – Come dressed as your favourite Star Wars character
Star Wars Craft – Draw R2D2 or create your own star wars transporter
Chewie cookies – Make your own “chewie” Chewbucca cookie with scary face
Intergalactic Alien Passports – Write your own passport ready for Space travel
Planet Exploration – Discover and learn about the planets in our solar system
Aliens Art – Handprint Aliens or Space print pictures
Write and send a postcard home from Space
Star Wars Themed Space Games

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