Layered Rainforest Jelly – Make a jelly with 3 flavours to represent 3 layers of the rainforest. Learn about the residents of the different layers and add a creature to the each layer of the jelly.
Rainforest Frieze- As a team, create a rainforest display with large leaves, flowers and rainforest creatures.
Rainforest Factfiles and Top Trumps – Make a factfile about a rainforest creature and use this information to make top trumps cards to play with your friends.
Rainforest Art – Make a toucan, frog or snake.
Rainforest Treasure Hunt – Follow the rainforest clue to find the treasure chest full of goodies!
Rainforest Drama – Learn about the impact of deforestation and how it affects those who live and work in the rainforest.
Save the Rainforest – Put together a poster to persuade others to help save the rainforests.
Sort the Animals – Use classification to sort different types of animals – links to science.
Parachute Games – Play rainforest themed games.
Guess the animal – a version of Headbanz using rainforest animals.
Fairtrade – Learn how buying fairtrade items can help save our rainforests.
Rainforest story – Plan and write a rainforest setting for a story.

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