Terrific Toys

Design and Make the following Toys:
A Marble Run – Build in a team and test it out
A Doll’s House – Build and decorate the inside of the house with the help of your friends.
Robot – Make your own and decide what you will teach him to do!
Toy Jet Racing Car – Build with a friend and then race them against other children
Board Game – Design and make your own board game. Would you be able to market it to families in the local area?
Russian Dolls – Colour and make your own set.
Den Building – Can you and your friends build a shelter to keep you warm and dry?
Sock Puppet – Design and decorate you own fun character.
Play some new games:
Teddy Game – Listen to the instructions and colour and compare your bears
Toy Shop – A role play area to use your imagination – will you be a customer or the cashier?
Toy Shop Bingo
Shove Penny – Make your own and try out this traditional game from the past.
Treasure Hunt
Solve the clues left by the toys to find the treasure and claim your reward!
Edible Robot
Design and decorate a robot who will teach you about healthy snacks!

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