Whitley Park Primary School



Our Whitley Park after school club is now in its third year. We are running a breakfast club from January 2020. Our clubs run out of the dining room hall. Drop off and collections are at the Dining Room hall door. We have full access to the playground and field. We can also use the school hall for indoor play and sports. Our after school club is run by our supervisor Tom Harvey with regular playworkers, Bethany, Naomi and Jordan. We have access to a small kitchen which enables us to provide hot food for those children staying for the full session.


Afterschool Early

Our Afterschool Early runs between 15:15–16:30

  • £6.50 Per child

Afterschool Late

Our Afterschool Late runs between 16:30–18:00

  • £6.50 Per child

Afterschool Full

Our Afterschool Full runs between 15:15–18:00

  • £11 Per child


Each supervisor will display their weekly planning for parents and children to see which activities are on offer and the food and snack options each day.

We are an Early Years Ofsted registered provider.