Young Playleaders

Offering a programme for young people aged 11-15.

Funtastic Kids offer a programme for young people aged 11-15 (Year 7 and above).  This is all included in the normal price and young playleaders are encouraged to participate in any activities they wish to try, including the workshops.  However, young playleaders may wish to help the adults in camp to support the younger children.  The young playleader will receive a playleader safety lanyard with badge holder to wear and a folder which outlines the expectations for helping in camp and learning new skills.  At the end of the day, the playleader, along with the supervisor, will complete a reflection sheet on the day, identifying and commenting on the skills they have used.  The playleader will also receive a certificate signed by the supervisor which can contribute towards their Secondary School community service and can help support applications in the future as well as contribute towards recognised awards.

Please specify when booking your child that you wish your child to be a Young Playleader.

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