Covid 19 Arrangements

Keeping your children and family safe this summer is our number one priority!

Whilst we will do all that we can to ensure your children are safe this holiday, we would also request that all our families also continue to follow government guidance regarding social distancing outside of the camp in order to keep all our children and staff safe this summer. Please also choose only one setting or camp this holiday for your children.

Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch to camp, preferably in a plastic bag which can be discarded after lunch. Please also make sure they bring a named water bottle which we can refill with water or squash throughout the day. If it is not named, staff may name it for you with a permanent market!

Arrivals and Departures

  • Parents will not be allowed to access the buildings.  They will drop children at the entrance to the building or at a designated gate.  This information will be on our website over the next couple of weeks for each camp.
  • Parents will be asked to queue at 2m apart while waiting to drop off/collect and our staggered start and end to the day will mean there should never be too many people arriving at once.
  • Every parent, every day, will be asked at the gate/door if anyone in their household has a new, continuous cough and/or a high temperature and/or loss of smell/taste. If answer is yes, they will have to take their child home.
  • Only the supervisor will sign the iPad using gloves and an iPad pen.
  • iPad will be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe after sign in and after sign out.
  • Parents will not be able to verbally communicate information to staff at drop off.  If the child is new to Funtastic Kids or is a VIP, they can download an “All about me” sheet prior to their first day and fill in with relevant information. This can be handed to the supervisor at drop off. These will be stored in the child information file at the front and staff will use gloves when reading through them.
  • For children bringing medicine, parents will be required to fill in “Permission to administer Medicine” prior to their child attending and hand these to the supervisor on arrival with the medicine in a named container or box. Please do not attempt to fill these in on arrival.


  • The staff rota has been devised so that the same staff work at the same camp throughout the holiday period where possible. However, the directors may need to visit different camps in an emergency but visits will be kept to only absolutely necessary.
  • All staff will have completed training and received a certificate for Recognising and Minimising the spread of Covid 19
  • All staff will have completed training and received a certificate in ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • Disposable aprons, gloves, masks and face shields  are available for staff to use throughout the day if deemed necessary to use them for a suspected case of Covid or when giving a child first aid or intimate care. The advice for childcare settings  is that masks and gloves  do not need to be worn all of the time
  • On arriving home, staff are advised that shoes are left at the door and if possible sprayed on top and bottom with alcohol based cleaner
  • Staff will also Wash hands for at least 20 seconds as soon as possible after arriving home
  • Staff are advised that uniform should be washed regularly.

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • All supervisors have Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 and are aware of the importance of basic hygiene during normal times
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and/or anti-bacterial sprays and cloths are provided by FK  for supervisors to use to clean surfaces
  • Surfaces ie tables  will be cleaned before and after each activity (so approximately every hour)
  • End of day cleaning will include door handles, light switches and thorough cleaning of the toilets and this will be recorded
  • If using a classroom, covers can be used to protect school furniture and equipment
  • Children will wash their hands for 20 seconds before each activity (approximately every hour).  This will be done with an adult supervising
  • At Welcome meeting, children will be reminded to try keeping at distance of 2m between themselves and other children wherever possible.  This will be done sensitively and age appropriately (children will be shown the space between).
  • Children will sit at tables with 2 chair/stools spaces in between each other. They will make their own name label to put on their chair/stool. Children will keep their own chair for the whole time they are at the camp. However, we understand that within their groups, children will play together and not always maintain social distancing.  Children within the same group will share resources and toys. We plan to support their transition back to school in September.
  • Rooms will be kept well-ventilated and outside play/activities are encouraged
  • Resources will be kept on tables for the children to use and sharing between tables will be discouraged and only facilitated by the staff. 
  • Resources like pens/pencils/scissors will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes regularly throughout the day.
  • Children from the same schools and/or families will be in groups together, as far as possible
  • Uniform is worn by all staff and staff can wear disposable aprons.
  • Plastic gloves will be worn when cleaning, accepting forms from parents and as necessary.
  • Toilets are cleaned twice daily using antibacterial wipes and where possible toilets are used by only one group (not possible at every site).
  • Staff will remind themselves of other risk assessments in place especially the food and hygiene risk assessment.
  • Usual procedures for clean and dirty cups will be put in place but if one is available, at the end of the day, cups and jugs can be put through the dishwasher for a high temperature clean. Where children have brought their own drinks bottle, they will be encouraged to use this and fill up from our jugs.
  • Children will be explained the procedures in the Welcome meeting alongside the other safety requirements e.g. fire drill
  • Children will be reminded not to touch their faces
  • Children will be reminded of personal hygiene (Catch it, Bin it, Kill it) and tissues will be provided by FK
  • For children, requiring intimate care, staff will wear gloves, apron, masks and visors and put dirty clothes in a bag to take home to parent.
  • Welcome and celebration meetings will be split into groups.  Supervisor will visit each group in turn to deliver the important safety and behaviour messages.  The other group will have free play with a playworker while the other group has the meeting. We will help children understand that each group is to be kept separate as far as possible but encourage friendliness and kindness between the two groups especially where different schools have joined together.
  • Each group will have a different place to put bags/coats and lunchboxes if possible
  • Each group will have their own resources.  Staff will fill paint and glue pots themselves, rather than allow children to handle the containers. Each group will have a set of toys, books, loom bands, hama beads, lego and knex etc.

Timetables and Activities

  • There will be one timetable per week with a mix of creative theme and physical exercise and there will be variations to timings.
  • Breaktimes – children will be in their set groups with their set member of staff.  Outdoor play will  be staggered for each group or within designated areas
  • Children will wash hands before and after outside play and this will help if the school outdoor equipment is opened (public play parks are reopening from 4th July)
  • Sports – Our director, Marcus, is a PE Subject Leader and is working on “Covid 19 Safe Sports”.  He has devised the sport/energy activities for the coaches, however, this may be subject to change if there is a further reduction of social distancing guidance and contact sports are considered safe to resume.
  • We have cancelled all our additional external providers this summer.

Forced Closures

If we are required to close following local authority or central government advice, parents will receive a full refund for any sessions missed.

We will be following the advice from local authority if a child goes home with suspected Covid 19.  This is that we will request the parent to have their child tested. If the test is positive, the small group of children and staff in which the child is in, will be closed to the camp and all parents will receive a full refund for any sessions booked within the following 14 day period.  These children will then be advised to self-isolate for 14 days.  If more than one child tests positive for Covid 19, it may be necessary to close the whole camp. We will not be able to transfer your booking to another of our camps for the safety of others.