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Funtastic Kids Ltd provide holiday and wrap around childcare provision in schools during school holidays and term time for ages 4-15.

We are excited to announce that we will be running an after school club at Emmbrook Junior School from the beginning of the Autumn Term 2018.  Bookings are now OPEN !

Creative themes and Sports timetable run concurrently – no need to choose in advance! Check out the timetables under each location.  PLEASE NOTE – packed lunch needs to be provided each day from home (no nuts or nut products please)

Bookings for Springfield, Gorse Ride Junior and Hawkedon for Christmas period are now OPEN!  We will be running a limited service this Christmas as many parents and staff take the time off.  Book early to guarantee your place.

Springfield will be open on Fri Dec 21st (between 8.30 and 4.30) and again on Wed 2nd Jan (between 8.30 and 4.30) and Thu 3rd and Fri 4th Jan (between 8 and 6).

Gorse Ride will be open on Thu Dec 20th (between 8 and 6), Fri Dec 21st (between 8.30 and 4.30) and again on Wed 2nd Jan (between 8.30 and 4.30) and Thu 3rd and Fri 4th Jan (between 8 and 6).

Hawkedon will be open on Thu Dec 20th (between 8 and 6) and Fri Dec 21st (between 8.30 and 4.30).


Ofsted rated our holiday camps at Springfield, Gorse Ride, White Waltham, St Teresa’s, Emmbrook and Burghfield as “Good” in 2018.  WE ARE DELIGHTED THAT WE ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING AT WHITE WALTHAM AND BURGHFIELD FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, BEHAVIOUR AND WELFARE. Visit the location pages or the Ofsted website to read the full reports.

What do parents say about us?

“Thank you so much for providing a fun and stimulating environment for E during the three days she was at your club this Easter. She said she really enjoyed herself and tried some new things she hadn’t done before like playing the electric guitar ;-). E has not done a lot of holiday club days before so this was a new experience and having it in the familiar environment of her own school together with some of the children she already knows made it a really nice introduction. We would definitely recommend the club to others.”

“My kids really enjoyed half term holiday club. H (Young Playleader) in particular enjoyed having taken some responsibility in the activities. Great to read you will be extending the day in order to cater for working parents”

“The extended hour is a great idea and is perfect for me to get to work on time without relying on others or asking work yet again for a favour!”

“A and J thoroughly enjoyed today, thank you to you all.  I was only worried A would feel too old but she said she didn’t and would be very happy to return.  There wasn’t anything negative about their day so I’m a very pleased Mum! As you can tell from their chosen activities today, to find a holiday club to suit them both and also doesn’t split them up in age groups is absolutely ideal and takes any worries away, especially if they were to come without their friends!”

“Thanks so much for all you have done to make S feel welcome and to reassure me. I will be mentioning you to my friends, one of whom has already taken your number!”

Funtastic Kids wants you to be confident to leave your child at the door so you are happy to go to work or complete your daily tasks.

Our Vision:

To provide affordable and quality childcare for all parents, catering for the different needs and interests of all children.

We put the child at the centre of every decision we make.

We aim to continually strive to reflect and improve the care for your children.

We aim to celebrate and inspire individuality.

  • We provide childcare in a safe, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore and develop resilience through play.
  • We employ highly skilled, experienced and motivated staff
  • We nurture, develop and respect each child as an individual
  • We offer a wide range of activities to meet the needs of every child
  • We have an exciting, vibrant approach compared to other holiday camp providers

There is a gap in the market providing activities to engage all children and often parents struggle to find a holiday camp which caters for the interests and needs of all the family.

We have links with local companies who provide additional activities to enrich your child’s experience.

Children choose from either of the two timetables and our staff allow for flexibility for children to change their mind throughout the day meaning there is no need to stick to one timetable throughout the day. Workshops from local companies are additional to the timetables, offering further options for children to choose from.

Creative Themes
Funtastic Kids devise a creative theme to inspire your children and promote learning through play during school breaks.

Extended Day
To keep children entertained, Funtastic Kids have welcome games from 8am until 9.30am and Chill Out time from 3.30 until 6pm.

Additional Workshops
Funtastic Kids work in association with local companies to enrich your child’s holiday camp experience, with no extra cost.

Young Playleaders.
Children from Year 7 to age 15 can register as Funtastic Kids Young Playleaders

New Lower Earley Venue

We have Lower Earley covered this summer for childcare! Between Hawkedon, Whiteknights and our new Venue at Hillside, Funtastic Kids is running the whole 6 week summer!

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New Location in Woodley

We will be opening a new holiday camp at Woodley CE Primary School this Easter.

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New Locations

We are delighted to be opening 3 new holiday camps at February Half Term – Emmbrook Junior School, Wokingham, St Teresa’s Primary School, Wokingham and Burghfield, St Mary’s Primary School.

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